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Board of Directors

2019-2020 LACEC Officers

Office Officer Name Email
Past President Ashlie Abercrombie Allardyce Email
President Dr. Kay Wilson Email
President-Elect Leslie Ortiz Email
Vice-President Sarah Lemaire Email
Secretary Kaitlyn Daigle   

Jade Viator

Finance Chair Dr. Donna Wadsworth Email
Membership Bambi Polotzola Email
Newsletter Mandy Roy Email
Government Relations (CAN) Allie Boquet Email
Publicity/Award Dr. Gerlinde Beckers Email
Constitution/By-Laws President and Past-Presidents  
Scholarship/Mini-Grants Meghann Jordan Email
Culturally and Linguistically Diversity Melissa Chastant-Huval Email


Matthew Caillet


SCEC State Advisor Dr. Colleen Klein-Ezell Email
Ad-Hoc Magi Bienvenu  
SCEC President Katlyn Daigle Email
SCEC Governor Emma Beckers Email

Ashlie Abercrombie Allardyce


LADEC President

Dr. Maria Isolina Ruiz Email

*Note: Technology Chairman Assistants

Last Updated:  16 March, 2021

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