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Previous Conference Visuals/Materials

SuperConference Materials

2019 SuperConference 38 Presentation Handouts and Materials

Math Measurement Masterpiece!
What's new in Special Education Law
Lions Connected- Inclusive Vocational Opportunities: A Post-Secondary Experience
Play Spaces that Make “Sense”, Exercise 1, 2, 5, 6, Final Draft
A Bridge to a More Inclusive Community: Reach Club and Camp Up
Inquiry: Introduction to the 5E Learning Cycle
Movement in the Classroom
Building Confidence: Effective Teaching Strategies for Students with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), References, Bellringer
No Silos Allowed
Adapting Prescriptive Curriculum for All Learners
Elevating expectations
Education from a Neurodiverse Lens: A Personal and Professional Approach
Art is for Everybody
Accessibility for Successful Employment
Another look at using Literacy to Promote Respecting Differences

2018 Super Conference 37 Information and Materials

Program and Itinerary
Schedule at a Glance
Conference Map

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Instructional Technologies for Exceptional Learners - Dr. Davis and Mrs. Brooks UL Lafayette
Have It Your Way- Dr Zimlich
Fostering Educational Opportunities in the Community for Individuals - Dr. Beasley & Mrs. Harrington
Karaoke and its effect on Reading Comprehension - Connie Ginnings
Bring on the Sunshine! LACEC Presentation- LASARD
Proactive Bullying Prevention - DeeDee Holmes
Linda Mood Bell Schools - Learning Disability or Literacy Deficit
Rethink ED - Andrea Tate
Specific Learning Disabilities- Using Patterns of Strengths and Weaknesses to Plan Instruction - Dr. Rutherford and Dr. Schultz
Tier III Interventions - Pamela Hughes
What's New in Special Education Law - Dr. Roberts
Visual Phonics - Pam Hughes
Creating Independence and differentiation through technology - Jessica Montgomery
Universal Design for Learning - Justin Sims
Lions Connected--Dr. G. Beckers
Collaboration and Project Based Learning - Patrick Wadsworth
Academic Team Building - Patrick Wadsworth

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